About Us

Sharma Kennel’s goal as a company is to have customer service that is not just best but LEGENDARY.

We are very well-known and well-reputed dog kennel for over  last 20-years.

We are based in G.B Pant University Pantnagar, Uttrakhand.
Registered with Kennel Club of India

We are the only kennel in the region which is registered with  Kennel Club of India .This gives our customers peace of mind that the pet they going to buy will be pure and true .

The Kennel Club of India is registered under the Tamil Nadu Societies Registration Act of 1975. It is the official body in the country for the registration of litters as well as effecting transfers. The primary objective of the Club is to promote the scientific breeding of dogs and disseminate useful information for general use to those interested in the pure bred dog.


Member of Animal Welfare Board of India

We are proud to be members of animal welfare board of India.

The Animal Welfare Board of India, the first of its kind to be established by any Government in the world, was set up in 1962, in accordance with Section 4 of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Acts 1960 (No.59 of 1960).


We are recognized by Distinct Chief veterinarian office Uttrakhand.


Additional Services

We also provide following additional Services to our customers:

  • Dog Vaccination
  • Health Care
  • Dog Breeding
  • Dog Food
  • Dog Training



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Neeraj Sharma
Sharma Laboratory
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